Hi Doug, this is Jon Bonso from Tutorials Dojo and I would like to thank you for using our practice tests!

Just to reply to your comment here:

"I’m sure they are stealing questions because a small % of questions are exactly the same"

First, can you share the exact scenarios that are EXACTLY the same? I'll be waiting for your reply as this allegation is simply not true. We'll never be that "sure" if you don't provide evidence.

The scenarios are NOT exactly the same and the AWS Certification team can prove that. Of course, there would be similarities in our scenarios but it doesn't mean we are merely stealing questions. The idea is to mimic the difficulty of what you'll encounter in the exam and learn from answering the scenarios.

We also provide well-detailed explanations, custom diagrams, blogs, and relevant reference links. We cite the official AWS Documentation in our explanation to support our provided answer.

I'm an AWS Community Builder and hold 9 AWS Certifications: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonbonso/

Tutorials Dojo is also in collaboration with the AWS Training and Certification team to provide free AWS Digital courses on our site.


Now, will you also tell us that we STOLE this content without evidence?

You can contact AWS and confirm that we neither copy nor steal any of their content.

Just a correction, our website is https://tutorialsdojo.com (with an S) - the links in your blog says tutorialdojo (without an S).

I'm not sure if you deliberately put the wrong link twice, on your post.

Nonetheless, thanks again and congratulations on your achievement!



Co-Founder - tutorialsdojo.com

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